The Beginnings of Christianity: A Jewish Story

Tonight I'm giving a lecture at the Houston Museum of Natural Science as part of their exhibit on early Judaism and early Christianity. The title of my talk "The Beginnings of Christianity: A Jewish Story." The organizers contacted me last week and said that the auditorium is sold-out and that I will be speaking to a 400-person audience in the IMAX theatre. This is something I've never done before! Anyway, I have a nice powerpoint lecture with some good visuals. Should be a great time. Given the amount of interest in this topic, I will have to put this into my forbidden gospels lecture series. I will be covering Jesus' view on law, the first community of Jesus followers as Nazoreans and People of the Way. I will be going over the Didache along with canonical sources, ending with Justin Martyr and Trypho the Jew.