Where are the women in our Holy Week celebrations?  For centuries the men in Jesus' life have been prominent in our services, when we reenact Jesus' entry into Jerusalem with his male disciples on Palm Sunday, when we recall the Last Supper, the foot washing, the sorrowful scene in Gethsemane, the arrest, and trial.  Even the crucifixion memories often focus on the two male thieves killed with Jesus, the male centurion, the gambling Roman soldiers.  We know the story so well, but only as it is told through the memories of men.

But the women were there too.  And they have stories to tell us, memories of Jesus are are powerful and compelling.  Reverend Betty Adam of Christ Church Cathedral in Houston and I collaborated and created a special event - a new Holy Week tradition - that tells the story of Jesus' crucifixion through the eyes, memories, and feelings of the women who were his disciples, who followed him to Jerusalem and who remained with him at the cross while he died.

Here is a video recording of the event as it took place on Holy Saturday 2013.  It is performed every year at Christ Church Cathedral. 

If you would like to put on a performance in your own church, contact me.