What a great name for a radio show! Justin Brierley has sent around a link to his UK radio show "Unbelievable" with its two latest interviews: one with Bart Ehrman and Peter Williams on both Misquoting Jesus and theodicy; the other with Michael Bird and James Crossley debating how Christianity began. There are other shows that look interesting too, and all can be downloaded as mp3 files or subscribed to as podcasts.

About the show:

Each Saturday, in the award-winning programme Unbelievable, Justin Brierley asks questions like:

Can Christianity live up to the claims it makes?

Can we trust the Bible?

Why should I believe in Jesus over anything else?

Justin tackles these and other issues, on a show that gets Christians and non-believers talking to each other.

The studio is packed with guests from all walks of life, talking about the differences between their beliefs. An atheist, agnostic or person of another faith appears each week to discuss their views on the world and why they don't believe in Jesus. At the same time, a Christian guest is given the opportunity to defend the faith.

Check it out HERE.