Home from SBL

Sorry that I didn't get to a computer while in San Diego, but I was racing around so much that I never even saw a computer terminal let alone have a chance to sit down and collect my thoughts. Now I return home to a washer that has burnt out - yes there was smoke billowing out of the thing - and a cable gone bad and an empty refrigerator. So I'm dealing with those things today. Is Thanksgiving really tomorrow?

All this means is that I can't write my reflections on SBL today, but I promise to do it soon, because there is so much to relay. In the meantime, I had a great chuckle at Dilbert this morning. If it is not 11-21-07, you will need to plug in that date to find the strip I'm talking about. It is the sentiment of scholars who feel misread - no names need be mentioned, but if you want to read about that discussion, here is the link to my past conversation about it.