What is in the Ohio Fragments?

Some of my readers have raised important questions about the Ohio fragments. NG has photos of 50 fragments of pieces of the Tchacos Codex that is somewhere in Ohio. These photos should be included on the CD that National Geographic should produce and make available to scholars worldwide. How long does the academic community have to wait for the release of the facsimiles, which are already made and in electronic form?

Is anyone other than me even slightly curious about what the Ohio fragments are? And frustrated that we are getting nowhere? I want to know why the Ohio manuscript is so hush-hush? What is it that we aren't being told? The manuscript still exists. Someone still has it and I think we all know who it is. Why isn't it being turned over to the academic community so that we can preserve it properly? Or does NG claim to own it and are trying to get it from the dealer who has it? Or maybe NG already has it, but are keeping it top secret?

There is too much that the worldwide scholarly community isn't being told. I don't like it one bit, because it is completely railroading the academic process. I think that NG should become transparent on this one.

Whoever has information about the Ohio fragments, please share them with us in the comments.