Internet Resources

The web is a wild place. Where do you go to find out more about the early Christian gospels? Here are some of the websites that cover the ancient gospels and Coptic literature, but the opinions expressed on them may not reflect my own viewpoints. Each site must be judged on its own merits, varying in degree in terms of academic rigor.


APIS(Advanced Papyrological Information System)

University of Michigan Papyrus Collection

Papyrology Home Page (Muccigrosso)

Duke Papyrus Archive

Dating the Oldest New Testament Manuscripts

Religious Aspects

Papyrological Resources in Perseus

Oxyrhynchus Online

Bible Links

Hebrew/Aramaic/Syriac Language Resources

"Biblia Hebraica (Biblical Hebrew - Home)"

Welcome to Basics of Biblical Hebrew Online

Jewish Language Research Website

The Syriac Peshitta

Aramaic links

The Assyrian Aramaic Language website

The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon

Gospel of Thomas, Nag Hammadi Collection, Coptic Museum, Cairo

Greek Language Resources

English to Greek Liddell and Scott Lexicon

Database of Septuagint Greek

The Perseus Digital Library

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae


The New English Translation of the Septuagint Project

Morphologically Analyzed Septuagint

Septuagint Resources

Parallel Aligned Hebrew and Greek Jewish Scriptures

New Testament

The Revised Standard Version of the Bible

New Testament Gateway (Goodacre)

Biblical Books on Web including Milne (Hooker)

The Whole Bible: New Testament History (Trowbridge)

New Testament Mysticism Project

Text Excavation (Smith)

New Testament Gospels

Matthean Studies(Anderson)

Gospel of Luke (Anderson)

Jesus of Nazareth in Early Christian Gospels (Bernhard)

The Synoptic Problem Home Page(Carlson)

Brief Commentary on the Gospel of Mark (Conrad)

Resources for New Testament Studies: Gospels and Acts (Decker)

The Fourth Gospel- Homepage for Research (Gagne Jr.)

The Synoptic Problem & Q (Goodacre)

SBL Synoptic Gospels Section (Goodacre)

The Gospel of John Introduction and Commentary (Harris)

Symbols of the Four Evangelists(Just, S.J.)

Johannine Literature (Just, S.J.)

The Mark Group of the Society of Biblical Literature(Shepherd)

Windows Into the World of Jesus: Studies in Mark's Gospel (Schrock)

Synoptic Gospel Primer (Smith)

Gospels & Acts (Text This Week) (Woodard)

The Text This Week: Matthew (Woodard)

The Text This Week: Mark (Woodard)

The Text This Week: Luke (Woodard)

The Text This Week: John (Woodard)

From Jesus To Christ

Coptic History, Literature, and Art

General Resources

International Association for Coptic Studies

Coptic Museum in Old Cairo

Coptic Orthodox Church Network

Coptic Media Productions

Coptic Hymns

St. Takla Coptic Directory

Coptic Language Resources

Coptic Language Page

Crum’s Dictionary – Wipf and Stock Reprints

Lance Eccles' Coptic Resources

Plumley's On-Line Grammar

Richard Smith’s Lexicon - Eisenbrauns

Thomas Lambdin’s Grammar - Mercer University Press

Bentley Layton's Grammar - Peeters Publishers

Coptic Monasticism

The St. Shenouda the Archimandrite Coptic Society

St. Pachomius Library

St. Mina Monastery

St. Anthony Monastery at the Red Sea

St. Mary's Monastery

St. Macarius Monastery at Wadi Natrun

St. Shendouda Monastery

Coptic Monasteries Links

Nag Hammadi Collection

Gnostic Society Library

Nag Hammadi Collection in English

Coptic Codex from Qurna

Coptic Codex (Pearse)

Al-Gurna Coptic Codex

Gospel of Thomas


The Gospel of Thomas Homepage (Stevan Davies)

Interlinear Coptic/English Translation (Grondin)

Codex II Student Resource Centre

Gospel of Thomas Commentary (Peter Kirby)

The Greek Fragments of Thomas (Andrew Bernhard)

Lambdin's Translation (John Marshall)

The Scholars Translation (S. Patterson and M. Meyer)

The Gospel of Thomas: Additional Info (Andrew Bernhard)

Gospel of Judas

The Lost Gospel of Judas (National Geographic)

The Gospel of Judas (Peter Kirby)

Coptic Ps Gospel of Judas (Roger Pearse)

Gospel of Mary

Gospel of Mary (Peter Kirby)

Gospel of Mary Magdala (Karen King)

The Magdalene Mystique (Betty Adams)

Gospel of Philip


Gospel of Truth


Other Nag Hammadi and Coptic Literature coming...

Other Greek Gospels

Gospel of Peter

Translation (Andrew Bernhard)

Additional Information (Andrew Bernhard)

Greek Text (Bouriant)

Translation (Raymond Brown)

Gospel of Peter (Glenn Davis)

Translation (Sam Gibson)

Translation (M. R. James)

Patristic References to the Gospel of Peter



Greek Text (Swete)

Translation (Swete)

The Gospel According to Peter

Introduction (Geoff Trowbridge)

Gospel of Peter (Peter Kirby)

Gospel of the Egyptians

English Translation (M. R. James)

Gospel of the Egyptians (Glenn Davis)

Gospel of the Egyptians (Peter Kirby)

Gospel of the Ebionites

English Translation (M. R. James)

English Translation (Panarion of Epiphanius)

Gospel of the Ebionites (Peter Kirby)

Introduction(Geoff Trowbridge)

Gospel of the Nazoreans

English Translation (Philipp Vielhauer and George Ogg)

English Translation (Burton Throckmorton)

Gospel of the Nazoreans (Peter Kirby)

Introduction (Geoff Trowbridge)

Gospel of the Hebrews

English Translation (M. R. James)

English Translation (Philipp Vielhauer and George Ogg)

English Translation (Burton H. Throckmorton and Willis Barnstone)

Gospel of the Hebrews (Peter Kirby)

Introduction(Geoff Trowbridge)

Gospel of the Hebrews (Glenn Davis)

Gospel According to the Hebrews (Joe Viel)

Gospel of the Savior

Roger Pearse

Gospel of the Savior (Peter Kirby)

Vision of the Saviour

P. Oxy. 1224

English Translation (Andrew Bernhard)

Additional Information (Andrew Bernhard)

Fayyum Fragment

English Translation (Andrew Bernhard)

Additional Information (Andrew Bernhard)

Fayum Fragment

A New Gospel (C. H. Dodd)

Egerton Gospel

English Translation (Andrew Bernhard)

English Translation (Willker)

The Greek Text

Papyrus Egerton 2 Homepage

Egerton Papyrus 2: Fragments from a Gospel Codex

Geoff Trowbridge's Introduction

The Scholarly Corruption of Egerton

Protoevangelium of James

Greek Text

English Translation (Shelly Matthews)

English Translation (Andrew Bernhard)

Additional Information(Andrew Bernhard)

English Translation (Roberts-Donaldson)

English Translation (M. R. James)

The Protevangelion of James

Infancy Gospel of James (Peter Kirby)

Introduction (Geoff Trowbridge)

Infancy Gospel of Thomas

English Translation (Andrew Bernhard)

Additional Information (Andrew Bernhard)

English Translation (Harold Attridge and Ronald F. Hock)

English Translation: Latin Form (Roberts-Donaldson)

English Translation: Second Greek Form (Roberts-Donaldson)

English Translation: First Greek Form (Roberts-Donaldson)

English Translation: Latin Text (M. R. James)

English Translation: Greek Text A (M. R. James)

English Translation: Greek Text B (M. R. James)

Infancy Gospel of Thomas (Peter Kirby)

Introduction (Geoff Trowbridge)

Oxyrhynchus 840

English Translation (Andrew Bernhard)

Original Greek

1908 Introduction in The Oxyrhynchus Papyri

Introduction (Geoff Trowbridge)

The Gospel of Matthias

Traditions of Matthias

English Translation (Andrew Bernhard)

The Gospel of Matthias

Gospel of Matthias (Glenn Davis)

Traditions of Matthias(Glenn Davis)

Secret Gospel of Mark

Greek Text and Photos (Morton Smith)

Photos (Kallistos Dourvas)

English Translation (Morton Smith)

English Translation (Andrew Bernhard)

English Translation (Gnostic Society Library)

English Translation (Sam Gibson)

Secret Gospel of Mark Homepage

Introduction(Geoff Trowbridge)

Identification of the Bethany Youth

The Strange Case of the Secret Gospel according to Mark

The Bethany Youth in the Secret Gospel of Mark

Verses Missing from the Gospel of Mark

Andrew Bernhard on Secret Mark

Secret Mark (Jack Kilmon)

Secret Mark (Glenn Miller)

Secret Mark is Authentic (Yuri Kuchinsky)

Preachings of Peter

English Translation (M. R. James)

Preaching of Peter (Glenn Davis)


English Translation (Roberts-Donaldson)

Introduction (Roberts-Donaldson)

Introduction to Tatian (Wace)

Tatian's Christology

Diatessaron (Rutgers University)

Other Texts Beyond the Bible

Ancient Magical Literature

Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity

Hermetic Literature

Corpus Hermeticum (Mead Translation)

Ante-Nicene Literature

Early Christian Fathers (Ante-Nicene Fathers Translation)

Early Christian Writings (by Peter Kirby)

Text Excavation (Ben Smith)

Second Temple Literature and Pseudepigrapha

Early Jewish Writings (by Peter Kirby)

Louis Ginzberg, The Legends of the Jews

Slavonic Pseudepigrapha

Online Critical Pseudepigrapha Project

Philo of Alexandria


Pseudo-Philo, Biblical Antiquities


Texts of Judaism

The Open Scrolls Project (Peter Kirby)

Rabbinic Literature

Aramaic Targum to the Psalms

Aramaic Targum of the Song of Songs

Song of Songs Interpretation Samples (Alan Humm)

Babylonian Talmud

Babylonian Talmud in Hebrew (Vilna edition)

Writings of Maimonides

Christian and Jewish Mysticism

The Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism

The Zohar