After IKE in Houston

I have finally been able to make my way up to my office where there is internet access. My family and I are fine, but the area is stunned by this hurricane. The news reports are not really telling people how bad it is, especially on Bolivar peninsula and Galveston. The Bolivar peninsula communities have been wiped out. Literally there is one house left standing among miles of flooded rumble. Reports that are seeping out of Galveston are bad. 20,000 people did not evacuate but stayed in their homes, and so far only 2000 survivors have been recovered. Search and rescue is still going on, but the island has no power or water. Most areas remain flooded and people are stranded in the upper stories of their homes (if they weren't swept away). The island's mayor has told people not to come back because it is inhospitable at this time. 3000 people are still waiting to be evacuated to the mainland. As for FEMA, PODS only began to be set up last night in Houston, so people who are without homes, water, food, or gas are struggling. The mess up appears to be on FEMA's side, since our local officials had everything in place before IKE hit, but FEMA didn't deliver. I don't know what the end of this story will be, but what has happened is very sad and many of us are mourning.

Here are some photos from the Houston Chronicle that have just been released.