More about boys from Zion Ranch

If you aren't from Texas, you may not be keeping track of what is going on with the Zion Ranch children. The newspapers in the area have been reporting that there are now over 460 children who have been moved into various facilities around Texas. Over 100 are in the Houston area now. The State is trying to keep all the children in the different families together, so they have moved them into group homes where they can be schooled privately, at least until they begin to assimilate.

There was more disturbing news yesterday released about the young boys. Many of the young boys have signs of broken bones. The State is investigating the cause(s). It is not clear yet if these are normal broken bones from kids playing and falling down, or if some sort of abuse is the reason.

This morning the Houston Chronicle reported that most of the parents have left the Zion Ranch now. Some of the women are living in women's shelters. Other parents are moving into the cities where their children are living in order to be able to visit them regularly.