Speaking on behalf of Obama

I usually keep contemporary politics off my blog. But today I am upset enough about what I see happening in the media that I am going to say something here. Now that we have blogs, the media no longer controls all the public information. So my thought is let's use this to our advantage and let's start speaking out and passing a message of hope and reason around the blog world.

Like many of you, I am extremely concerned about the future of our country. I am also extremely concerned that we, the US populace, continue to allow the media to do our thinking for us, and essentially determine the election of the next President of the United States, as it did in the last election. And look at what a disaster that has turned out to be!

Aren't we brighter than this? Don't we realize that the media spins things this way and that way just to keep us entertained and watching TV? They are exploiting knowledge and our emotions, and keeping millions of us from actually talking about what actually matters. And how they do it is through FEAR. They make us afraid of our own shadows. They push all of our deep fear buttons. And the response is predictable.

And they are going at it big time now, feeding the frenzy - all of our fears about race and religion exposed and dumped on Obama. It saddens me greatly. In such a vicious climate, can we ever have another leader with a higher social vision? Or will we end up with the mediocre, and continue as usual?

PASS IT ON: Hope, Reason, Vision!