Bruce Ferrini's Auction

Jim West has pointed out the Bruce Ferrini auction. The news report says that it does not include the rest of the fragments of the Gospel of Judas (actually they are the fragments of the rest of the Tchacos Codex!), or fragments from the book of Exodus and Colossians.

Wow, is this the book of Exodus and the letters of Paul that were also found with the Tchacos Codex? Remember, there were three other books in that limestone box found in a tomb near Al Minya. A greek version of Exodus and the Coptic letters of Paul and a mathematical book. Fragments of Exodus and the mathematical book have shown up in various collections around the world, but the letters of Paul seem to have vanished. Is this part of that book? It very well might be given that Ferrini possessed the Tchacos Codex, and now appears to have parts of the Exodus book and a letter of Paul.

Please please if you possess any of these fragments, or know of people who bought from Bruce Ferrini, contact me or Gregor Wurst. These materials need to be preserved and conserved properly for future generations, not to speak of the importance they hold in reconstructing our own past religious histories. They are not just artifacts. They are part of our common story.