Apocryphote of the Day: Good Friday

I, Peter, saw Jesus in this way, as if he were being arrested by them. And I said, "What do I see, O Lord? Is it actually you they are taking? Are you holding onto me? Who is on the cross, glad and laughing? Is it another person whose feet and hands they are hammering?" The Savior said to me, "The person you see on the cross, glad and laughing, is the living Jesus. The one whose hands and feet are being hammered with nails is his flesh, which is what is given in exchange"...I saw someone about to approach us. He resembled the person who was laughing on the cross. He was filled with the Holy Spirit. He was the Savior. There was a great ineffable light around them. A number of ineffable and invisible angels were praising them.

Apocalypse of Peter 81.3-21, 82.4-14 (trans. by DeConick)